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Our Sales & Marketing Services

Custom Marketing Strategy Development, Execution & Optimization

  • From improving your target audience profiles to generating repeat sales; and
  • We build professional teams to create, execute and manage custom sales and marketing campaigns.

Top Quality Content Development

  • Short and long-form content materials with optimized visual presentations;
  • We specialize in B2B and B2C technology, consumer products, business, health and recreation; and
  • Since 2005, we’ve been catering to affiliates, small businesses, and medium-scale companies.

Multi-Lingual Call Center Services

  • We support Japanese, German, and French; and
  • We specialize in industries like gaming, gambling, trading, retail software, and many others.
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VIsION AI Labs is Grayscale’s tech R&D facility
Our target beneficiaries are persons with disabilities, collaborators, and advocates
Launched in 2017, we continue to develop open source, do-it-yourself assistive products and
We specialize in edge AI inferencing hardware design, machine learning, and deep learning

Our Carrier Products

VIsION, Wearable AI for the Blind

  • VIsION is a pair of DIY 3D perception eyeglasses for the blind with electronic components
  • It’s powered by edge AI infrencing hardware, machine learning, and deep learning
  • Through audible and haptic feedback, it describes scenes, objects, its location and distance
  • It’s also integrated with the SeeingWithSound© audible soundscape mapping algorithm
  • On-demand, VIsION reads text and allows quick access to remote visual assistance

Here’s a video that shows our latest preliminary 3D printed prototype in action

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